Your Non-Toxic Journey Planner and Progress Tracker (for non-members)

Hi! As you might know, reducing current exposures is the most important part of any detox protocol.  

Sometimes we expect to change everything at once. It’s unrealistic, stressful, and counterproductive to your health.  Please move forward at whatever pace is comfortable for you. 

We’re never going to be 100% toxin-free, but we can work toward reducing exposures in meaningful ways. ⁠

And that means focusing on changing the things that you can control and the things that have the biggest impact.

And that’s why I created this quiz to help you determine your progress and on which areas you should be focusing.   

After you take the quiz, you will know your progress:

0-25% Congratulations on starting the non-toxic journey! 

26-50% Congratulations on making a lot of healthful changes! 

51-75% Congratulations! You are going deep with the process!

76-90% Congratulations! You have been working hard to get here!

91-100% Wow! You are a pro! Congratulations! Ready for more?

Now, you can take the quiz the second time so you can take note of the areas you want to focus on. In other words, you can use the quiz as a planner the second time you take it.

For free help to make the changes, please visit the Shop section of the website. You can also type your keyword into the website search engine located in the top right corner.

For additional help, consider applying to the Savvy Consumer Circle (see the table of contents of what is included) and/or booking a consultation.

Many Blessings,


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